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How to create an RSS feed for a Facebook page

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If you want to find out how to create an RSS feed for a facebook page on they fly, then continue reading. At the end of this post you may also find another useful tip about facebook.

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Ok, so if you own a Facebook page then you probably know that Facebook now shows just a small portion of your posts in the newsfeeds, let’s say 10%-20%.  That’s because they want us to buy more ads. Fair enough but not everyone is willing to pay I suppose.

So there are a few ways to work around the syndication of your Facebook Page. This post discusses one of them. More will follow soon.

To increase the reach of your posts, you can simply offer your followers the ability to subscribe to your page’s RSS and get all of your post updates.

The generic RSS url is: https://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?format=rss20&id=YourFacebookPageNumber

Where ”YourFacebookPageNumber” is the place to insert YOUR facebook page number.

Example of how to set up RSS feed on a facebook page:

To check if this method is working, let’s take the example of our page on Facebook (Like it if you haven’t already) which has the following RSS url:

The number ”352990324828656” is our Facebook id.

Yes I know, you’ re probably wondering now ‘how can I find out my facebook id’? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered: Visit this website to find your id in ten seconds.

I guess this will be working for everyone, it’s been working for us for some time now without any issues. If you try it on Chrome you may think it’s not working. Well it does. Paste it into your RSS reader and check it out.

As promised, here is another Facebook tip

As Facebook ads are hot right now, here is a great guide that covers Ad Set Targeting, Placement and Bidding.

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