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Siteground Review: Best Hosting Provider

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Being with them for three years and really enjoying their services, made me think its about time to create an honest and unbiased Siteground Review, that might be useful for people trying to decide which hosting provider to choose and why.

Why I think Siteground is probably the BEST option to host your blog or site and I recommend it without any hesitation:

SiteGround Review SitespeedSite Speed

All of us want to see our sites load fast. From an SEO perspective this is prerequisite in order to rank well in search engines.

Since I moved some of my websites to Siteground, I’ve seen major difference in the load time (always comparing the same site in two or more different hosting providers).

All (shared included) hosting plans of Siteground come with Static SuperCacher – a web caching service developed internally and exclusively at SiteGround – enabled by default.

Here is how it works: Static cache takes a copy of a static website content (images, css, javascripts, flash, etc.) and puts it into the servers’ RAM memory, so that the next time that content is requested, it would be loaded dramatically faster than loading it from the servers’ hard drives.

That officially makes all SiteGround-hosted websites faster than ever. If you want more information about SuperCacher I suggest you check this tutorial.

Siteground Review DatacentersDatacenters

I was pleased to see that Siteground offered me the opportunity to choose my desired server location, among three options.

They have datacenters in three continents (USA – Chicago {IL}, Europe – Amsterdam {NL}, Asia – Singapore {SG}), which is a real competitive advantage as you can choose the closest one to the majority of your visitors for best website performance.


Siteground uses a unique mechanism to isolate server accounts from each other. This technology prevents a single vulnerable account from affecting the whole server. In short, this approach makes their shared hosting environment as secure as the much more expensive dedicated solutions.

Siteground Review SupportSupport

Not all of us use the same type of support right?. Some of us may use the Phone, others the Live Chat and some people prefer the support ticket system. I’m really a Live Chat person, as I want to receive instant help and also have the time to test a few things during the chat. Plus a written answer cannot be taken back 🙂 I always use this type of support so I can compare it with other hosting providers I used to host my sites in the past.
Overall I’m very happy with their support, each and every time I had an issue and needed to contact them I received the support I expected in a very decent response time. I like a lot this feature in the Live Chat that gives you the opportunity to Chat with another person (higher in hierarchy) in case you are not happy with the support provided by the person serving you.

In addition I also found the following very helpful and interesting:

Siteground Review TutorialsKnowledge Base

Siteground offers a wide range of Tutorials which can be extremely useful if you are a beginner or you want to get some information quickly. This is useful for both WordPress and Joomla fans.


When Brian Teeman, Nicholas Dionysopoulos, Peter van Westen, Anthony Olsen and many other top developers recommend Siteground, then you understand that this company must be offering first class hosting services.

Tools & Extras

Siteground’s Cpanel is quite impressive. What I really like most is Softaculous, an autoinstaller with more than 300 scripts, which makes WordPress and Joomla installations (and not only) just a couple of clicks work.

The Siteapps dashboard is also a great tool to improve your site by installing an app in seconds.
Siteground review cpanelSitegrounds’s Cpanel also includes other special Tools for WordPress and Joomla websites.


When it comes to web services I intent to purchase, I really like to conduct a detailed market research. Neither I like to buy a service just because everyone else does, nor to partner with a company that I don’t really trust.
Through my market research, I realised that either you choose to host your site at Hostgator or Bluehost or Just Host or iPage or HostMonster it is actually the same thing cause all these companies operate under the management of the Endurance International Group, Inc. (EIG), formerly BizLand! Did you know that? Probably not!
You may say so what? Is that a bad factor or sign? Well I’d rather go with a company outside these large Groups for many reasons. Siteground is in the market since 2004 and they currently employ 110 people. I’m really satisfied with their services and I do trust them. Plus having hosted quite a few sites in some companies of the EIG, I really cannot compare their speed with that of Siteground’s.


Siteground is my choice and I’m really happy to host some of my clients websites there. After having tested them for almost three years, I will be moving all of my websites there. If speed, security and support matters to you, then I really think you should give them a try.

They can even transfer your site to their servers for free if you’re not an experienced user.

From time to time they offer a great discount (up to 60%) for their shared hosting services.

Click here to visit Siteground’s official website

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