eMail Marketing ServicesNowdays most of the internet marketing talk is about Social Media Marketing.

Email marketing however, is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses of all types and sizes.

According to Forbes,  a recent study found that customer acquisition via email has quadrupled in the last four years and now accounts for almost 7 percent of customer acquisitions.

Organic search is the most powerful acquisition channel, accounting for 16 percent of customers acquired, while Facebook and Twitter lag far behind.


Why Email Marketing?


  • It's Inexpensive
  • It's Effective
  • It's Immediate
  • It's Automated
  • It's Targeted
  • It's Mobile Friendly


It must be applied correctly in order to be effective, otherwise it may have negative results.

Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience through effective subject line writing (getting your messages opened), your distinctive voice (getting those messages read), and delivering quality, niche specific content your prospect needs and shares with others (inspiring referrals and word-of-mouth).

We do love eMail Marketing and really enjoy building lists and relationship for our clients. We do partner with the best and provide effective solutions.

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