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A corporate website is actually a company's digital presence to the world.

Regardless the sector and the industry the company is operating, every corporate website usually contains a basic structure:

Α home page, an about page, a page in which the products or services are introduced and a contact page.  

Depending on the content of the website, a website may need to contain additional pages, such as a Privacy Policy page, a Terms of Use page, a Careers page and many more. It's really up to you, how many pages your website will have. 

asWeb in most cases uses Joomla CMS to develop corporate websites. Joomla has some extraurdinary features and it is well known for the design of beautiful websites from an aesthetic point of view. It is highly customizable, with a user friendly environment and a unique community.

We can design any type of corporate website you want in friendly prices. You can either let us choose a template for your website or you can take your time and search through our partner's galleries to choose the template you want and ask from us to apply it to your website.

In any case we will be more than happy to assist you and to work with you. 

Do you already know what you need? Then tell us and we will get back to you with a quote.