My Sacred Gifts

Sales Pipeline / Sales Funnel (Book+Audio Program)

  • About: is a personal development project. The scope of the website/sales funnel is to promote Monique Macdonald's book and Audio Program. 
  • Project: We have designed and developed the whole Sales Pipeline and the Sales Funnels. We have been also running their Facebook Campaings

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Sales Funnel Step one (Sales Page)

0. Free Book Sacred Living vs Living Scared s


Sales Funnel Step Two (Order Page)

2. Order Now The Sacred Living vs Living Scared Book Digital s


Sales Funnel Step Three (Upsell)

3. Discover Your Sacred Gifts Offer 60 Discount s


Sales Funnel Step Four (Downsell)

4. Last Change To Get 60 Off For The Discover Your Sacred Gifts Program s


Sales Funnel Step Five (Order Confirmation)

6. Order Confirmation s


Sales Funnel Step Six (Members Area)

8. Discover Your Sacred Gifts Members Area s


Sales Funnel Step Seven (Retargeting)

9. Discover Your Sacred Gifts Offer Second Chance Retargeting s